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Jeana Schwacha has loved jewelry since she was a small child. She fondly remembers her mother telling her stories about each piece of jewelry she wore, like a pin that was a present from her dad the day she was born. To her, jewelry holds the power of love and memories. Jeana always hopes that each piece of jewelry she finds will become someone’s very favorite gift, or that it will be handed down through generations and have a special story of its own. 

vintage ring


Bronze is a pre-Iron Age man-made combination of copper and tin - the first artistic use of "hard" metal. Marilyn had a distinctive and modern flair for working with this ancient metal. Each piece was created in an open flame and each one is unique and one-of-a-kind!


Joella Miller moved back to the Lowell area after living in Wisconsin, where she began making jewelry 11 years ago. She has taken classes from nationally known instructors and creates jewelry in a variety of mediums from chainmaille to resin. She and her husband, Don, live just outside of Saranac.

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